BotSumo stage

New version of BotSumo – New robot

I’ve added a new robot to BotSumo, my most popular game on the Google Play Store so far, which has been downloaded 35,000 times so far. I finished it in January, but was inspired to work on it again recently after seeing some videos of people playing it.

Here’s the new robot I’ve added:

Botsumo robot with spinning arms

I’ve marked this as “experimental” because the spinning arms aren’t totally stable! Sometime this causes unpredictable things to happen…

spinning robot failure

Here’s a video with some fun and glitchy moments, showing the new robot fighting:

You can download the game here:

…or if you already have it, and it hasn’t auto-updated with the new version yet, go to Google Play Store > My apps > BotSumo and press “Update”.