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How to redeem a Google Play promo code for BotSumo: Battle Arena

Edit – This is an old post now and all the promo codes have been used. 

So I’ve now got a version of BotSumo which doesn’t have ads (I wrote about it here), and has new levels. This version costs £0.80 / $0.99, but I’ve figured out that I can give out promo codes which allow you to download this for free. I’ve been giving these to my friends, and if you’re reading this I might have sent one to you too!

Here’s instructions what to do with the promo codes:

1. Go to Google Play on your phone or tablet

2. Open the menu by clicking the “burger” icon in the top left.

redeem a promo code on google play

3. Click “Redeem”. You’ll be prompted for a code. Paste in the code I’ve given you.

redeem dialogue

4. Play the game, it requires 2 players, so find someone and make them play with you!

5. After playing, press the “Rate it!” button to go to Google Play and leave a 1-5 star rating, that would really help me out because a popular game makes it look better!

botsumo menu screen with "rate it" highlighted

Some extra promo codes:

Here’s some extra codes in case yours doesn’t work – however some of these might have been used already. If you use these, please can you leave a review, thanks!


Or message me on Twitter if you want a new promo code for the purposes of reviewing it. Thanks!