There’s a word in computing for saving something, & that word is “save” – except in nano, obviously

The world of command line tools is still alien to me, even though I use a terminal every day. And it annoys the crap out of me for being deliberately weird. 

So by “command line” I mean Terminal on Mac. This thing:

Screenshot of Terminal in Mac taskbar

A thing where you type stuff, and things happen. If you want to edit a file, sometimes it’s easier to do this using a text-editor built into Terminal called Nano. So type:

$ nano filename

And you get something like a text editor. Except it’s a text editor invented by an absolute lunatic with none of the normal standard conventions of text editors!!!

Want to save the document? The command isn’t “save” or command + s like you’d expect from a normal application, no, it’s command + O for “WriteOut” – WHAT SORT OF MADNESS IS THIS?!!!

Save is not save!

Nothing follows standard convention.

Find isn’t find, it’s called “Where is”.

Paste isn’t paste, instead you have to “cut” and “unCut”.

nano on a mac

It’s all so different, it’s lunacy!