SCSS boilerplate with Bootstrap baked in


I know starter projects using Bootstrap are common enough, but I’ve added to the plethora this week by adding my own to Github in a public repo.

What is it?

It’s a dead basic project using Bootstrap which compiles all of Bootstrap’s SCSS plus your own SCSS styles into a single CSS file. It’s component-based, so useful features like buttons, forms, etc are in separate scss files for ease of finding. Because it’s all compiled as one big project using SCSS, you can @extend Bootstrap’s classes so you don’t have to add all their zillions of classes all over the place, cluttering your markup.

All the files are in the hierarchy I wrote about in this article.


I’ve been working on a few projects recently that all needed a sensible starting place. It saves all that setup time I guess. It’s not like this is amazing or anything. It’s just how I’ve started every project lately so thought it was handy.


Bootstrap are bringing out new versions all the time. Therefore it won’t be long before my repo is out of date. I’ll maintain it for as long as it’s useful to me, but if you’re going to use it, check for a new version of Bootstrap first and potentially copy the files across. I always leave the Bootstrap folder untouched in every project, extending or overwriting the classes if I need to change them, in case the originals need to change.

See the GitHub repo here.