Optimising my clouds CSS animation

I recently created an animation of a plane dropping bombs and clouds whizzing past which you can see on Codepen here, and see my article about it here.

I used a mixture of animation types, including GSAP and CSS animation. I was doing some investigation into how much memory is required to run these animations (because it made my laptop’s fan come on all the time!) and found that the way I was animating the clouds in the background really wasn’t efficient. Continue reading Optimising my clouds CSS animation

Transitioning the colour of an SVG image

So when trying to make the BTB website load as quickly as possible (which requires an unhealthy obsession with tweaking small things to get a better score on Google page speed insights) I removed Fontawesome, which was previously baked into our CSS file. I like Fontawesome, it makes adding icons easy, but has problems, and in this case the problem was unnecessary addition of loads of styles we didn’t need, and valuable kilobytes of data I wanted to shave off. Continue reading Transitioning the colour of an SVG image