Current projects

Things have changed a bit since I last wrote about my current projects. Here’s what I’m up to now:


So at work I’ve been working on a project in ReactJS, which is particularly challenging, and the way we’ve done the frontend is quite different to usual. I’ve written some of my thoughts about React here.

What I’ve been doing most recently is a lot of sketching and planning the interface, which involves a lot of scribbling with pencil and paper (it’s old-school but dead fast for sketching ideas!), and balsamiq mockups, which I still think is fantastic.

What’s glob been up to? – Android app

So just for fun I created an app using Unity which isn’t much more than a random text generator. I’ve blogged about the experience of adding it to the Google Play store here.

Vertical vector

Right after I finished the “Giant turd from space” project (which was removed from IndieDB for sweary content, or maybe just because it was crap) I started this one, which was supposed to be a dead simple vertical scrolling game, all about timing to avoid obstacles.

I got hung up on graphics for some reason, which is a problem that happens constantly, when it doesn’t look how I want, so I get annoyed with myself because I can’t get it looking quite how I want! So I’ve stalled it for a bit. Here’s some of the graphics I created:


Untitled spaceship browser game with Jake

Working with a friend on a browser game where you move spaceships around, kind of a blend between EVE and Ogame. I’m currently sketching out layouts for it.

Oh yeah and I’m getting married soon. I suppose that’s something I’m working on 🙂