Is $1.50 for 1000 ad views worth it?

I saw recently that the indie developer of Victory lane racing posted the amount he’s getting on adverts for his app (see below), it’s about $1.50 for 1000x ad views.

Ad revenue for victory lane racing

This has got me thinking about the games that I make, and whether I should go down this path. I’ve played some games where the amount of ads in a game is just ludicrous, and detracts from the gameplay so much that I really just can’t be arsed with it.

But then there’s some games where it’s actually ok.

Well, watching an advert in the game isn’t exactly a nice experience, but sometimes it’s a good way to get something for free, right? The developer has put a lot of effort in, and I don’t mind them getting something back.

There’s even games where you get rewarded for watching an advert, that’s quite cool. I got a bit hooked on Slime Evolution, and watching an advert was an easy way to cheat a bit in the game (without ruining it!).

Thinking about my on game BotSumo, which was downloaded over 30,000 times, I wonder how much I would have make if I add advertising? I didn’t make the game for profit though, it was a learning experience, and don’t expect anything back.

Also I don’t know how people use the app, whether they download it, play it once, and immediately delete. Or if some people play it over and over (only adding analytics will find this out!).

The stats were posted in the Indie developer chat group on Facebook.