2 projects open

I think Mac should abandon the menu bar at the top of the screen

I have a problem with the way the Mac menu is always at the top of the screen, detached from the app.

I can see the reasoning, it’s a good idea to make sure the menu is in a standard, predictable place for all apps. But, that all falls to pieces when you’ve got a massive screen (like an iMac, or a large monitor like I have), and you’re using floating windows.

In the screenshot below you can see I’ve got 2 PHPStorm project windows open. I’m using the VCS controls in the menu to update one of them. But which one?

2 projects open

See how this can be confusing? The top menu shows options for the project window in focus – but when you’re skipping between windows, are you definitely sure you’re editing the right menu?

In Windows this isn’t a problem because every app’s options is attached directly to the app itself. Which to me makes sense, you’re keeping things together (a bit like how I like to keep css classes together by usage).

This can all be avoided of course by only having one project open at a time. Although it’s a shame to waste such a large amount of screen real-estate on just one project. There’s plenty of space to have multiple apps open, side by side.