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BotSumo is now available on iPhone

I finally got my BotSumo game approved for the Apple app store! I’ve blogged twice recently about this process:

…although tbh the both read like a verbal diarrhoea of me having a mental breakdown about how complicated and unclear the process was from the point of view of someone who’s never done it before.

Here’s the video I’ve also used for promoting this on Twitter:

It went through 2 re-submissions before they accepted it. Not having regular access to an iPhone meant that I missed a few things that didn’t work initially. Also the last time it was declined was because I hadn’t added tax information (they could have told me!) .

I need your help

Okay so now that it’s on the App Store, it still might not actually get seen and downloaded by anyone, unless it gets a good score. If you have an iPhone, please please please download it, have a play, and then give it a rating, and then write a review. Good ratings & reviews help let other people know to give it a try.

Here’s the link to the iOS app store:

Oh, it’s also been on Android for ages, here’s the link in the Google Play store: