Amazon app store screenshot showing Botsumo listing

BotSumo now available on Kindle Fire

Kindle Fires are just another type of Android tablet, but come preinstalled with an app store different to Google Play, they encourage the use of the Amazon App Store. It’s less popular, but as my game already worked for Android, it seemed like an easy opportunity. 

Here’s a link to BotSumo in the Amazon App Store:

Because I haven’t figured out how to do IAP for it yet, I’ve only uploaded the paid “Battle Arena” version (£0.77 – bargain, right?).

The Amazon App Store seems less used than Google Play, or the Apple App store, so I was hoping it’d be easier to find an audience here, although that still remains to be seen.

New videos!

It makes me happy that people decide to make Youtube videos about BotSumo. Here’s some recent ones:

This one starts with some bizarre (but kinda cool) music!:

And this is a review by Ev1lCh1nch1lla Gaming, who I found on Reddit & requested: