Battle arena title

Introducing new BotSumo: Battle Arena

I’ve released a new version of BotSumo, which is a paid version with no adverts, which means all bots are unlocked right from the start, like the CogBot – as seen below:

gogbot spark when hit animation

Battle Arena will also will have new levels – currently though, just 1 level, but I’ll add more over time. Here’s what the new pit level (first mentioned in my last post) looks like:

pit with robots spinning

You can press a button to drop the pit, just like this:

release the pit

I said it’s a paid version, but right now is only £0.80/$0.99.

More levels are coming soon. If you have suggestions, feel free to tweet me at @davidonionball

You can download BotSumo: Battle Arena on Google Play here: