The 1st review of Mega turd


So I published my game Attack of the mega turd from space 2 weeks ago. I didn’t make a big deal about it, as I was mostly too embarrassed to show anyone, but it did get 1 review on Newgrounds:

Well, a pretty nice game you’ve made. The graphic just looks fine, no need to add more (would just lead to lags on older PCs). But the steering … much room for improvements. The chosen controls are a good way to control something from a FPV. but used in a top-down view it just leads to frustration. I would recommend using a classical coordinate system control instead of thrust+direction.
that, and a mini map, and you have a really cool game.

Okay that isn’t the worst review, and I’m happy that this person liked the graphics, as I spend too long obsessing over them – even though I know they’re not great!

game start screen
More about the game

They have a problem with the steering, and I can understand why. It drifts a lot, and testing the game over the last few months has made me not really notice it too much! I actually quite like how it handles, but agree it should turn a bit tighter.

In the future I think I’ll move to a mouse control system for desktop though, it just seems too alien these days to switch to keyboard to play this sort of game.