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New feature for BotSumo: Unexpected Airstrikes

Three new things to report on BotSumo (which you can download here), as well as some videos of kids playing it, and the stats from Christmas. 

New: Airstrike

I’ve added a new feature, which is enabled as a random chance when you pickup the special ability. Instead of getting the special ability you instead get an airstrike, where bullets fly from the sky, hitting the group, bots or any obstacles.

About this, Gonzalo Mendoza on Facebook said “I would like more missiles, the more dangerous the better”, so I might have to increase this to please the fans 🙂

New: Moving level

I’ve added a new level which you can select first by unlocking it with an advert (or it’s just available if you have the paid BattleArena app)

New: Bot

The biggest request in the game reviews I get (which I now get daily!) are to have more bots. So here’s another. Inspired by one of my favourite old school robots from Robot Wars (I’ll let you guess which one).

Popularity is rising

In the first year I released BotSumo, the popularity rose until a peak at Christmas, and then declines. I assumed Christmas was the peak because it’s a good time to play games, most people have time off. BotSumo especially is a great game to play with siblings and family members because it’s easy and fun.

After a while it started to climb again, I think this was because I was releasing more regular updates, and perhaps a steady number of ratings and reviews bumped it up the store enough for more people to see it.

Anyway, I thought it’d peak at Christmas, but nope. January is the best month ever with over 12,700 downloads.

botsumo yearly stats

I even took this graph before the month is over! Overall the increase on last year though is only 3%.

Videos of some people playing BotSumo:

These were mostly from Christmas, hence the santa hats, which were active only in December. Videos from all around the world, in different languages!

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