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I’ve launched a new 2-player game called “Chicken Fokkers”

So I’ve made another game. This one has an awesome title that definitely came first. Chicken Fokkers is out now, and you can download it for Android here:

Here’s a promo video I created for the launch:

I got the idea of this game when visiting an air display at RAF Scampton with my Dad & brother. I already knew I wanted to make a 2-player game that works as a duel, like BotSumo, and it had to use physics and forces. But this time I really wanted to use Unity’s 2D controls.

I managed to get this game finished in under 3 months, which for me is a record for making a Unity game. Especially as I’m only doing this in my spare time as a hobby.

chicken fokkers android

What I’ve learned

chicken fokkers game titleThis project was really about concreting the Unity knowledge I’ve learned recently, and actually putting it into a game that has a chance of being released this decade – Solburn Cluster looks like a mammoth that I can’t see the end of right now, so it was nice to work on something self-contained.

  • 2D is marginally easier than 3D. When dealing with angles it’s a bit easier, but in all honesty you have to learn mostly the same stuff anyway.
  • C# really isn’t that much more complicated than JavaScript. I avoided it unnecessarily, and now regret it.
  • I’m loving Adobe Animate (previously Flash) for creating assets. I have to export it as SVG, open in Illustrator and export to PNG though, which gives nicer, crisper images for some reason.
  • I can apply the same rules for retina images to sprites. I make them double-sized, to be confident they’ll look good on high-res screens.
  • I tried for a long time to make Physics2DLineCast work, before abandoning to use a box collider instead. Honestly, I prefer that because I can see where the collider is, instead of the invisible linecast.
  • I’ve figured out how to easily make objects detach by giving them a trigger, measuring the velocity of anything entering, spawning a new identical object (with a Rigidbody), and hiding the original. I’ve done this for the wheel which pops off if hit:

wheel pops off

  • I think this was the first time I’ve created a progress bar. I used this tutorial. It was really easy!
  • I had to figure out how to make the pitch of the engine sound change when the plane climbed and fell. I used a repeating engine sound effect from Unity’s standard assets (I was really struggling to find one elsewhere!), and changed the pitch depending on the angle. Took a fair amount of tweaking.

chicken fokkers is out now for android phones on the google play store

Here’s a link to the game in the Google Play store. If you really want to help me out, please download and leave a review.