I’ve launched a new 2-player game called “Chicken Fokkers”

So I’ve made another game. This one has an awesome title that definitely came first. Chicken Fokkers is out now, and you can download it for Android here:


Here’s a promo video I created for the launch:

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Solburn Cluster project

So I’ve been working on a new(ish) project which for now I’ve been calling “The Solburn Cluster”, and right now it’s a collection of unconnected modules and assets that I’ve created in Unity, ready at some point to be formed into a game – or many games. But right now I’m sort of working without and end goal, creating things that I think I’ll need.  Continue reading Solburn Cluster project

Different-sized colliders in Unity change the angular velocity

I’ve been working on adding different playable spaceships to Escape the Sector, but I’ve noticed this curious feature in Unity (I thought it was a bug at first!).

Watch this video:

Even though these 3 ships all have the same mass, angular velocity, drag and the same force is being applied, they turn at different rates because they have different sized colliders.

I assume this is normal, but it’s going to make it quite difficult to get the turning speed the same on them all without a lot of tweaking!

Some more things to add to Escape the Sector…

I’m not done with Escape the Sector yet (which I released on the Google Play store in July). I toyed with leaving it a bit, and moving to another project, but I’ve been encouraged by a 3D artist called Dave Bisseg who contacted me after I posted screenshots on a Facebook group for Indie developers, and has created some new ships, which perfectly fit the blocky, voxel style of what I’ve already created.

For comparison and to show what a great job he’s done at matching the style, here’s one of my large ships (originally made for the abandoned Escape Vector project).

Debrief of my “Escape the sector” game project

Ok, this might not be of much interest to anyone other than me, but as I’ve been writing other stuff about my game here, it seems like a good place to put it. So I’ve spent a long time on Escape the sector, which is unfortunate because if you actually play it all the way through, 6 levels lasting 2 minutes it’ll only take you 12 minutes. I feel like the effort / play ratio is way off! 😛

Download Escape the sector for Android here

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