The best reviews of my BotSumo game

My game BotSumo that I made for Android has been on the Android Play store since January, and has been downloaded now over 12,000 times. Most of those people downloading were from the US, which was to be expected, but weirdly it found secondary audiences in Russia and Brazil, despite not being translated into their native languages.

Graph of total installs by country over time

Many of the reviews below were written in other languages, translated into English by Google, sometimes with hilarious results

now it is necessary to fight robots!

nice game I advise

good for two boring people

This one made me laugh, I assume they mean “bored”?

hidden gem

my crazy son played with me yesterday and my son got me

Needs more lands and abilities and attack and robots but good game

Many have asked for new features, like new levels, playable robots, and a single player mode:

 Nice if you put a single mode you have 5 stars nice game

More characters needed

Add more robots!!!!! I put 4, add new robots will be 5

Great, more could have to play alone with the machine

This game is amazing, if you made it properly online multiplayer (via play games) and added some more maps you could literally have one of the best games on Android. I absolutely love this game, but being forced to play on one device is a bit cumbersome

This is a nice complimentary one which asks for multiplayer, something that I’m not planning right now just because anything multiplayer is a LOT more hard work. Also I do quite like that you have to play with someone you’re sat next to, it can get very competitive! But, I dunno, there’s always room for expansion and one day I might consider it, if I find a way to do online multiplayer easily.

Some though, haven’t been so complimentary:

Time use plenty of room

I think this last one is complaining that the filesize is quite large, which I can understand. Exporting even the most basic game from Unity is about 15mb, which I assume includes all of Unity’s engine. But that does seem quite large, especially if you think the original Elite game was less than 1mb, and included a map the size of an entire galaxy.

Overall these people commenting have voted the game 3.9 out of 5, which is actually quite remarkable for such a simple game, I’m actually surprised that it got so many 5/5!

Total rating of 3.922 out of 5