spaceship select screen

Escape the sector update – playable ships are here!

I posted a while ago saying that new playable ships are coming, and I’ve finally got it finished! Also there’s a new level, new obstacles, and minor updates to the other levels. Get it on Android here, or in your browser here.


So finally something to spend the points on that you collect each level.

Not featured above is the Wicker-class, created by Dave Bissig (see some of his other ships here), which is one of the most manoeuvrable ships. I didn’t have a great photo of this so here’s a video of it in action at the bottom of this article.

The ships have slight differences in speed and manoeuvrability. By default, Unity3D gives these different turn rates depending on their size (I wrote about this here). But I’ve tweaked this to make some more special than others. Here’s at least 3 of them showing some differences:

However, one of the ships I was going to use just turned out to be too unmanouverable! Here’s the Darbis-class, which turns slowly and unfortunately is too easy to get stuck!

However, we’ll see the ship soon in a new type of obstacle!

New obstacles

For extra interest, I’ve added some new things to avoid, including these npc spaceships.

New level

Here’s the new level 7:

New level screen

Because I enjoy creating new levels, I’ve created a new-look level select screen to fit more than 6 levels.

Escape the sector level select screen on Nexus phone

Play it now!

You can download Escape the sector for Android here:

Or in your web browser here: