Putting some 3D assets onto Turbosquid before the Windows 10 upgrade makes my PC useless

Windows 10 upgrade bear memeYesterday I caught my PC trying to upgrade to Windows 10, and I quickly put a stop to it. Windows has been threatening this for a while, and I saw Helen’s laptop take several hours to upgrade, on a day she needed to do work.

The biggest reason I stopped it though was because it’ll make my 3Ds Max useless. I have a trusty version from 2010 that is essential for optimising and rendering assets for my games.

Alternatives are available of course, and Blender seems to be the popular choice (especially amongst Unity’s community). Although I really can’t get to grips with Blender!

I can’t put off the Windows upgrade forever though, so I thought I’d better make the most of it whilst I have a working copy of 3D software I can use, and have been packaging up 3D assets to put on Turbosquid.

I’ve put together a package of the robots I created for BotSumo:

Botsumo assets

And here’s a collection of assets that I created for Escape Vector, and then used for Escape the Sector (before I changed it all!):

Modular voxel space scenery

The above collection also includes many buildings that I created but didn’t use, some trees, some spaceships, roads, and mostly lots of scenery tiles that fit together to make a blocky landscape. It allows you to make scenes like in this video:

This isn’t the first collection of components I put on Turbosquid, a few years ago I made these below, which I think look would look quite cool in a game, but I abandoned using them because I wanted a different look, and the blocky voxel style was just easier to make.

low-poly component terrain asset kit