While the world seems obsessed with Pokémon Go – I have created Fakémon!

Many people at the time of writing seem obsessed with the AR game Pokémon Go – where you have to walk around the real world to find monsters to catch.

My facebook and Twitter feed this week has been full of people telling me what creatures they’d caught, and I thought it’d be fun to invent my own silly Pokémon names, and post responses saying things like “Oh but have you caught a Spruedongle yet? I have!” and see if people wonder where I’m finding these super rare Pokemon that don’t exist in any guide.

Then I thought of creating a game using Textadventures.co.uk, which I’ve dabbled with before, to make something resembling the actual game – where the player ambles about and collects creatures. I know it’s pointless, but if you think about it, so is the real thing.

So Fakémon was born! Gotta collect them all, for no reason.

Click here to play it!

Game progress – Escape the sector maps

So I’ve been creating maps! This game will be a race against time to reach the end of the level. And I wanted it to be set in space. Because space is cool, and spaceships are cool.

But, space is full of nothing, so what is the map made of?

I wanted it to be made of asteroids. The best spaceship sequences in Star Wars, Star Trek etc are when there’s asteroids, otherwise space is just big, empty and boring.

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Version 1.0.2 of mega turd

I’ve uploaded new Mac & Windows versions of Attack of the mega turd. Including an arrow pointing to the enemy on level 1 (not the escape levels). You can download them here: http://www.indiedb.com/games/attack-of-the-mega-turd-from-space/downloads

The process was fairly mundane, although I’m glad Inno (the Windows packager) just got on with it and used all the same settings as last time, making it nice and easy! I should have used a Mac packager too, but apparently this can only be done on a Mac.