Spaceship approaches rear landing pad

A busy voxel spaceport – MagicaVoxel model

I made this today, not really for any reason, but I found it therapeutic.

Full asteroid

Also, I love how nice MagicaVoxel makes it look with very little effort. If only it was as easy to replicate this look in Unity (something I’ve been trying with Escape Vector and Escape the Sector).

Purple voxel spaceship approaches landing pad

It started out very different, I wasn’t sure what colours to use.asteroid in purple

I always struggle with colours, creating a new palette doesn’t come naturally to me, so I used the one from my BotSumo game.

Asteroid in purple on background

Too much yellow and pink though perhaps? It doesn’t exactly look natural. Quite bizarre and neon.

Spaceship lurking at the bottom

I’ve uploaded this model to Sketchfab, you can see it below. Although it’s unfortunate that I can’t seem to replicate the nice soft shadows, ambient occlusion and emission textures that makes MagicaVoxel models look so good.

Busy voxel asteroid spaceport
by daviddickball
on Sketchfab