Most popular articles from 2015

I know March seems like an unusual time to do a roundup of last year, as we’re already 2 months into 2016, but I was recently encouraged to do a roundup of all articles on my OngoingWorlds blog, so thought it wasn’t too late to do it for this blog too. So here’s the most viewed articles I wrote in 2015:

  1. I’ve finished a game but too embarrassed to show it anyone because it’s about a giant turd
  2. Exporting a sprite sheet from Flash into Unity animation
  3. So I’m uploading something to the Google Play store
  4. My CSS layout – group by component, not by screen-size
  5. I use BEM – A good clear naming convention
  6. Chrome pulls Unity plugin
  7. My opinions on using or not using Bootstrap
  8. My favourite CSS comment style
  9. How long before we get cool curved desktop screens like this one from Black Mirror?
  10. A vertical-align mixin that changed my life

Also, I wrote this article about what I did in 2015.

What I did in 2015

2015 is over and dead. But from the ashes rises 2016. Which it is today. January the 1st in fact.

Here’s what I did last year:

Helen and David in Carcassonne

  • Helped create an interactive display for the museum.

Joseph Wright exhibition at the Museum

  • Spent ages on a game about a giant space turd, which nobody liked, and even I hated by the end. I uploaded it to Newgrounds – see here (requires Firefox & the Unity player).
  • Grew a beard, then shaved it off.

David with a beard

  • Created some graphics for my brother’s card game – which he still hasn’t finished:
  • Created this blog! I’ve listed the most viewed articles from 2015 here.